World's First Hot Nitro Coffee


Delicious, Hot Draft Coffee

Heating Up Beverage Sales All Year Long

Gourmet Dispensing has teamed up with Bona Fide Brewing Co. to bring you delicious, hot draft coffee that will keep your customers lining up all year long! In the cooler months, keep your customers warm with delicious hot coffee. In the warmer months, help your customers stay cool with revitalizing, cool nitrogenated brews.

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Delicious, Hot Nitro Coffee

Stout faucets offer a smooth brew with a nice creamy head. Use standard faucets for high volume, high speed “flat” coffee.

To coffee, air is the killer of all the things you care about most – flavor, shelf life and most importantly – profits.

Keeps Coffee Fresh for the Long Haul. Draft coffee is guaranteed to stay fresh for 90 days if stored in a refrigerated cooler.

High Volume, High Profits

Dispensing Temperature
Dispenser pours 96 ounces per minute or 6, 16 ounce tumblers served at a temperature of up to 175 degrees.

Beverage Types
Although hot draft coffee is a perfect match for the D300, alternative beverages include hot draft teas, mate, and more!

Nitrogen Pressure
Our dispenser is nitrogen-powered at a pressure of 35 psi with a stout faucet, and a pressure of 30 psi with a standard faucet.

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We’re excited for you to try Craft Draft Coffee and Tea. We believe that once you do, it will change your coffee expectations forever.

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