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D100 - Medium Volume Heated Dispenser

  • D100 Heated Beverage Dispenser
  • D100 Heated Beverage Dispenser
  • D100 Heated Beverage Dispenser


The D100 - medium volume heated dispensing system is portable, easy to clean and use, and can dispense up to 4 -16-ounce cups of delicious hot gourmet beverages per minute. Our patented FloHot technology means you never have to worry about your product being scorched or having a burnt taste. And because it uses standerd 110 volt/20 amp service, it can easily be used just about anywhere you need it.

The D100 uses pressurized gas to draw beverages from bulk containers (such as Bag in Boxes, kegs or soda tanks), through the FloHot heating system and out the faucet. Though CO2 is most commonly used, the dispenser can easily accomodate compressed air from either a tank or compresser in place of CO2. Nitrogen can also be used when serving beverages that are sensative to oxegen exposure.

Unlike other hot beverage dispensers, we don't have to trade quality for speed. The D100 continually dispenses hot beverages at speeds that blow gravity-feed dispensers out of the water - 64 ounces of 165 degree deliciousness a minute - every minute - until you turn it off. It's even faster with the heating unit turned off - providing you with an opportunity to get cold and unique drinks out faster than ever.


D300 Heated Beverage Dispenser
Dispensing Speed 64 Ounces (1.89 liters) per minute (hot)
Dispensing Temperature (hot) Up to 165 degrees (F) / 74 degrees (C)
Dispensing Temperature (cold) Down to 36 degrees (F) / 2.2 degrees (C) - dependant on refridgerator temperature
Watts 1800 watts
Voltage 110/120 VAC, single phase
Amperage 20 Amps
Pump Type requires included gas powered pump
Gas Type Used CO2, Nitrogen, or Compressed Air
Gas Pressure 18-22 PSI recommended

The "D" series of dispensers was designed to heat and dispense just about any type of beverage you can think of. Because we use an indirect heating method, your product will never come in direct contact with the heating element - eliminating the worry of burnt tasting or scorched product.

Examples of Beverages Served from D300 Dispensers

  • Hot chocolate milk - low fat or no fat is especially popular for schools.
  • Hot, Spirit-based drinks - such as toddys and ciders from Commander Quincy's.
  • Hot wines - consider serving mulled red and white wines or Gluhwein.
  • Pre-brewed coffee - artisan pre-brewed coffees packaged in 5 gallon kegs.

The D Series doesn't have to have an off-season. Use your dispensers in the warmer months to serve unique cold beverages at even higher rates - up to 128 ounces a minute!


Below are some important highlights of the D100 Heated Dispenser

  • The D100 dispenses 64 ounces of beverages heated to a temperature of up to 165 degrees per minute.
  • The D100 requires 110 volt / 20 Amp service / 3200 watt service to reach its maximum performance.
  • The D100 utilizes a gas pump to convey product through the machine. CO2, compressed air (from a tank or compressor) or Nitrogen.
  • The D100 utilizes our patented FloHot indirect heating technology to heat beverages.
  • The D100 can dispense cold beverages without an electrical connection.
  • Gourmet Dispensing can provide refridgeration, kiosk and branding if required.
  • All Gourmet Dispensing dispensers are manufactured in Morris, IL
Made in U.S.A.


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