Partner Spotlight - Commander Quincy's


Gourmet Dispensing and Commander Quincy's Distillery

Heating Up Beverage Sales All Year Long

Gourmet Dispensing has teamed up with Commander Quincy's to bring you a turnkey beverage package that will keep your customers lining up all year long. In the cooler months, keep your customers warm with a hot hard cider, hot toddy or hot spiced wine. In the warmer months, help your customers stay cool with a cold, distilled hard cider.

Commander Quincy's products can be served in multiple formats. Bottle service is great for that premium feel in suites and bars, while attractive vessels for dessert carts add an elegant touch. Not to be forgotten, Commander Quincy's can be enjoyed from the tap for high velocity settings. Our high velocity machines from Gourmet Dispensing can serve 96 ounces of a hot beverage a minute and over 120 ounces a minute for colder beverages. Product change out is simple from our 18L BiBs! Any way it's served, Commander Quincy's is the kind of beverage our forefathers would be proud to drink: simple, natural ingredients that combine for the right balance of flavor with just the right amount of kick. Something friends and family could come together around. A drink for all occasions.


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Original Hot Toddy

Rum with Natural Flavors

Commander Quincy's Original Apple Toddy™ is blended by master distillers renowned for their artisan approach. It starts with the finest apple cider, which is then balanced with premium spices and blended to perfection with rum. Expressing hints of lemon zest, orange peel, and cinnamon, Commander Quincy's toddy offers an impeccable combination of Old World flavors.

Serve it hot during cooler weather for a complex, yet comforting beverage that awakens the senses and warms to the core.

Serve it cold during warmer weather for a crisp, refreshing cider that embodies the tradition of the American apple harvest.

10% ABV — Available in 750 ml, and 1.75 liter bottles & 4.76 gallon BiBs.

Spiced Wine

Red Wine with Natural Herbs & Spices

Combining old world recipes with a hint of new world taste, Commander Quincy’s is re-introducing the tradition of mulled wine. Commander Quincy’s Spiced Wine fuses moderate sweetness with a secret blend of herbs and spices, evoking nostalgia of an après ski from time passed.

12% ABV — Available in 750 ml bottles & 4.76 gallon BiBs.

Spiced Hard Cider

Hard Apple Cider with Natural Spices

Commander Quincy's Spiced Hard Cider is a balanced blend of spices and fresh pressed apple cider. Reminiscent of that old country farm stand, Commander Quincy’s Spiced Hard Cider allows for a comforting warm beverage or a refreshing cider over ice, but with an extra kick.

7% ABV — Available in 4x500 ml bottles (4 Packs) or 16.9 oz. serving sizes, 64 oz. Growler & 4.76 gallon BiBs.

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