hot adult beverages

Hot Adult Beverages Continue to Steam Up Revenue Throughout the Summer

Hot Adult Beverages Earlier this year, Food Management magazine’s staff predicted which drinks would be popular in 2016. On their intuitive list were hot adult beverages. And thus far, it seems that the industry magazine’s staff was right. Hot beverages are right up there in terms of sales and favorability along with cold delights, including…

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organic foods

The Benefits of Organic Foods and Drinks

The Benefits of Organic Foods and Drinks On a daily basis, there are countless food items to choose from at the grocery store. Whether you’re shopping down the aisle looking for the perfect cereal for your children, or are in the frozen food section selecting chicken breast for dinner, every selection that you make matters….

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hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate Heaven

Hot Chocolate Heaven Think you know hot chocolate? Think again. There are rules to making hot chocolate with milk that you and may others may not be aware of. Many recipes use cocoa powder, like this recipe from Paula Deen. Epicurious will give you lots of leeway for milk types, but still lists cocoa powder as the chocolate…

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health benefits of drinking tea

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea Tea is much more than a warm cup of comfort. It’s also good for our bodies. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in potential health benefits of tea. So far, the findings are promising. Here a few: Tea is Good for Your Heart To keep that strong…

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Fair Trade Movement

Why You Should Choose Fair Trade

Why Fair Trade is a Good Choice Fair Trade is a term that is frequently heard when discussing the buying preferences of consumers. What exactly does fair trade mean, and why should you buy fair trade certified products? Read on to find out! The Fair Trade movement is an initiative to ensure that merchants, farmers, and other…

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Healthy Food and Beverage Trends

Beverage Trends The food industry is in a state of constant change as newer technologies and trends influence the market value of existing products and services. Industry experts have been observing the trends of 2015, and this gives them an insight towards the developments that the field may experience in 2016. The following few trends…

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Why Hot Chocolate Milk is Better Than Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Chocolate Milk Chocolate is the most popular flavor worldwide, and it is used to flavor a wide variety of foods including ice-creams, cakes and even alcoholic drinks. But the experience of having chocolate changes dramatically depending upon the other ingredients in the food. The choice between hot chocolate milk and hot cocoa mix is…

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Why Product Quality in Food Service Matters

Why Product Quality in Food Service Matters The food industry deals with products that will always be in demand, and although there have been many changes in the speed, quality and techniques of service of food providers, the basics of product quality and customer service remain the same. Yet, food managers may find themselves in a…

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