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Hot Chocolate Milk at World Series 2011
Hot Chocolate Milk

In the four World Series games, two hot chocolate stations sold a total of 5,619 16-ounce tumblers of hot chocolate milk.

Gourmet Dispeneing at Christ Kindl Market
Cold fans equal hot sellers

Make this your best season ever by adding real hot chocolate milk to your line up!

Gourmet Dispensing at Soldier Field
Hot Chocolate Milk, "Spiked" Hot Chocolate Milk

Gourmet Dispensing’s hot chocolate milk boosts cold weather beverage sales.

Dispenses mojitos and cold drinks
Unhappy customers make terrible marketers

Ninety-five percent of beverage related complaints revolve around hot chocolate - not hot, too watery, too chalky. Our dispensers make these complaints a thing of the past.

D300 dispensing unit

The Gourmet Dispensing Hot Beverage dispensing system (Patent Pending) is portable, easy to clean and use, and can dispense 6 16-ounce tumblers of delicious hot chocolate milk per minute.

During warmer weather, our dispensing system allows you to offer your customers unique and refreshing cold beverages not available before.

View the specs of all our dispensing systems.

Increase Concession Profits
Converting from beer to hot chocolate milk

Learn how easy it is to retrofit existing beer equipment to dispense heated beverages when the weather turns cold and to switch back when it warms up again.

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